Lilith horns foam pattern



This kit contains the foam patterns to assemble the horns for Lilith as seen in Diablo 4. JPEG/PDF foam templates at 1:1 scale (when printed at 100%) suitable for a small head. 22″ circumference, i recommend sizing it up to 105-110% scale if you need it larger, or you could just take out some foam when it’s all assembled.

You can create the base for these horns using 10mm or 5mm eva foam (recommended) with these eva foam templates. Finish it off with some detailing using a dremel or Poly-Props controlcast, lightweight putty, foamclay or similar lightweight sculpting material.

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This pattern does not include specific instructions to assemble it, basic pattern assembly knowledge and experience with EVA foam is highly recommended. Continue the numbers from part 1 and onwards for the easiest way to start assembling. Beveled edges can be directly cut if you’re experienced in cutting bevels, or dremel the bevels after cutting (before assembly) otherwise.

The PDF version can be opened by a PDF viewer such as Acrobat Reader, which is free to use.
You can print the JPEG/PDF foam patterns across multiple paper sheets using ‘poster’ print option in Adobe Reader or at a site such as, as these patterns are delivered as one single image sheet.
There is also a pepakura (pep) file included, for a digital 3D preview of the pattern using Pepakura Viewer or Pepakura Designer.

The 3d models used to make these patterns are created and/or modified by me.