Awards and achievements I’ve acquired over the years as cosplayer!

Esports Cosplayer of the Year 2020 Finalist
Esports Cosplayer of the Year 2019 Finalist
Dutch Comic Con 2019 Best Overall – as Samus and Dark Samus (Roar & Clank)
Dutch Comic Con Winter Edition 2018 Best Costume – as Nex
Tweakers Gaming Live 2018 First Place – as Lightning Tracer
Nishicon 2018 First Place – as Zeraora
Epiccon 2018 Best Armor and Sewing – as Demon hunter
Campzone 2017 First Place – as Demon hunter
The Party 2017 Third Place – as Diablo
Formula Cosplay Europe 2017 First Place – as Ryuko Matoi Senketsu
Dreamhack Summer 2015 Qualifier – as Worgen Deathknight
Gamepitcon 2015 Honorable Mention – as Worgen Deathknight