Appearances and Partners

Willow Creative Partners and Sponsors:
Poly-Props Ltd
Cos-Tools by FoamWerks
Jagex Ltd and Runescape 3

Are you looking to sponsor Willow Creative to bring your product, event or service to the attention to more than 150.000 followers? Please email [email protected] for the possibilities!

Previous Appearances:
CosXpo (United Kingdom)
VIECC Vienna Comic Con (Austria)
Shurikon (Ireland)
Herofest (Switzerland)

If you’d like to have Willow Creative at your next event or project, here is your information:

Willow Creative can be a guest, judge, cosplay model, workshop host or panelist for your next event.
Experienced with costume fabrication on many areas, such as costume armor construction, sewing, 3D printing, she has won many awards for her work nationally and internationally.
More than 150.000 people follow Willow Creative’s work over various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. A great opportunity for fans to meet Willow Creative at your event, and to add extra engagement and content to your event.

There are available panels and workshops regarding 3D printing and leds/electronics, and other panels and workshops can be created that can be tailored to your event.

Willow Creative is also available to create a custom costume (or prop) for your event, service or project, either as sponsored social media content, worn by a model, as sale or giveaway, or attending as guest cosplay model. Inquire through email to find out the possibilities.

Conditions for guest appearances:
Arranged travel or travel compensation from door to door for 1-2 people
Hotel accommodations for 1-2 people and arranged travel/travel compensation from/to event for each event night, and the night in advance if more than 3h of travel.
Food compensation for the duration of the event for 1-2 people
Preferred airport locations: Amsterdam Schiphol (Netherlands), Dortmund (Germany) or Dusseldorf (Germany)

Depending on the audience and goal of your event and the workload per event day, there may be a commission fee for each day of the event.
If a certain large costume or prop is brought to your event, this may require additional checked bags for airplane flights.

For any additional questions, please email at [email protected]