Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make any costumes/custom work/commissions for others?
   I run a Etsy store in props and costume accessories that usually takes up most of my time, so at this moment I only make commercial work for events, companies, commercial projects, etc. Commissions for consumers are no longer considered.
Depending on my current workload, your deadline and your budget, your project may not be feasible at the time. Please send your project details and deadline to [email protected] or check Appearances and Partners for more information.

I have a question about my store order.
If you placed an order on the website for a digital pattern, please send me an email with your order details to [email protected] If you placed an order on my Etsy store, please message me on Etsy with your order ID.

Do you give or sell any of your patterns or digital files?
   If I do sell any patterns/files they would be in my store or in my Etsy shop. If they are not then I will not be selling those separately either. 
You can find all my free patterns and tutorials at Downloads.

What kind of 3D printers, tools and materials do you use?
I use 3D print filament by colorFabb.
I get my eva foam and foamsmithing products from Poly-Props.
I use the Beambox lasercutter from Flux!
These are my 3D printers:
Anycubic Predator (modified)
Anycubic Vyper
Creality CR10S Pro
Prusa MK3S
Biqu B1
Biqu B1 SE Plus
Elegoo Mars Pro (MSLA)
Peopoly Phenom (MSLA)
Creality CR-30 beltprinter.
I use foamsmithing tools, such as knives and bevel cutters from CosTools.

Can you make costume X? It is my favorite character!
I do not take requests to make specific costumes, unless it’s part of a paid partnering project on behalf of a company. Each costume takes several dozen hours to make, or sometimes even hundreds of hours, so I pick each project based on my personal motivation to create the outfit!

Can you help me with my project?
I get a lot of messages and requests to help people with their projects! I usually don’t give advice unless it’s a quick answer or related to a project I’m doing myself, unfortunately it’s quite difficult and very time-consuming to guide people every day.

Are you willing to do any appearances, or other sponsored activities?
   I would love to! Please send me an email at [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also find more general information about this at Appearances and Partners..

Do you do any trades or requests?
   Currently I only accept paid commercial work. This excludes any exchange that would not be considered monetary.

Where do I contact you for custom work/commissions?
   If your request is very similar to one of my items in my Etsy store, please send me a message through Etsy for a custom private order. For commercial work please send an email with your project details to [email protected] If your project does not meet one of these criteria, it is unlikely I will consider to make it.

I have a different question
   You can send me an email or direct message, please be descriptive what your question is about. Email is your best chance to get an answer, some messages get overlooked!